Hunting Cabin Built my me and my kids in Handy Missouri
This website is called Life According To Randy for a good reason. With FREE mp3's Poetry and stories - FREE Music & Videos and Pictures I will be share with you what it's like to be me! An older close personal friend who knew me well told me when I was 21 years old that I had already traveled and lived more life in 21 years than most people do in two lifetimes.  I have had a full life and this website is evidence of that.  I built and maintain the website myself which is just one of the many talents I'm blessed with.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be inside the head of someone else, and understand someone's thought process, why they do what they do, and  what makes them tick then this is the place for you: Life According To our new home address.

As you pass your cursor over my picture above for a moment you will understand how I see myself. Inside this old body there is a little boy named Randy who refuses to grow up.  That little boy continues to run barefooted at age 69. I continuing to make Free Music and I continues to write poetry and I continues to goes outside to play in the rain with the other kids.  To this day when I go into a mall or some other place of business they always ask, "Where are your shoes?" 

I'm just a kid in a grown up suit. That's why I look funny because people think I'm something that I'm not.  Like the child I truely am - I have hidden things in this site.  Look for all 4  secret page links.  You will miss a lot of fun if you don't find them. Think like a kid! Now come follow me into my world that is Life According To Randy.

Randy is Always Thinking, Always Creating, Always Working and it drives people crazy!
Some say he's Crazy!

Others call him Gifted

Some swear at him

Other swear by him

He's loved and he's hated

One things is for sure

There's only one Randy!

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